Tie and Tease

What Is Tie and Tease

Imagine having all of your senses heightened so that every bit of pleasure you feel is intensified.

That is precisely what you can enjoy during a tie and tease massage session.

Tie and tease refers to the sensual practice of being tied up and surrendering to pleasure.

During a tie and tease massage, you are pleasured and stimulated repeatedly so that you remain in a heightened state of arousal for as long as possible.

Tying consists of a blindfold and binding the wrists and ankles so that you surrender to the masseuse and the pleasure she will bestow on you.

When you’re blindfolded your other senses are naturally heightened so that your body becomes more responsive to touch.

Not being able to see and not expected to move also makes it easier to surrender and give in to the pleasure.

During a tie and tease massage, a beautiful and experienced masseuse will pleasure every inch of your body.

What sets this apart from other erotic massage is that along with her hands, she will use other objects to tease and pleasure your body.

These can include feathers, silk, and other erotic objects.

The element of anticipation and surprise takes every touch to another level because you know she’s going to tantalize and please you, but you can’t see how she will do it or what delicious pleasure is coming next.

An experienced masseuse knows exactly how to please you to bring you near the brink of climax and then ease off just enough so you remain in this heightened, pleasurable state.

When she finally allows you to climax, your orgasm will be more intense and satisfying than ever before because of the sexual tension that has built up throughout this extraordinary erotic massage.

Want to know about the many benefits of having tie and tease massage in London?

The tie and tease massage is the ultimate pleasure because you are kept in a state of delicious arousal for an extended period by a beautiful masseuse.

Your eyes are covered and you are restrained so that all you have to do is receive and give in to the pleasure.

This extra sensory massage session is all about your body and your arousal.

You, like many others, will find tie and tease massage to be unusually freeing and liberating.

Even though you are unable to see or move, your senses are completed freed and teased to experience erotic pleasure like never before because all of your senses are in overdrive thanks to repeated stimulation by an experienced pleasure giver.

Those who are curious about other types of erotic massage, such as dark tantra, and those that have fantasized about being tied up and submitting to another will find tie and tease massage the perfect stepping stone to finally exploring these other erotic acts.

At the end of your session, you can be sure that the release of sexual tension and stress will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

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