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Benefits Of Tantric Massage


Benefits of Tantra Massage are:

  1. Such harmony within you creates a harmonized reality that heals your mind, body and spirit.
  2. Tantra is ideal to bring back the balance in connection inside and on the outside.
  3. Feel Rejuvenated and re-energised, fully aware of the stronger stamina
  4. Sexuality is enhanced and embraced as you gain more self-confidence and self-esteem through accumulation of self-worth which in return
  5. improves your sexual relationship and intimacy with your partner as no ego or fear is present to bring in disconnection – only trust and love.
  6. The release of negative emotions gives you the opportunity to develop positive emotions, thus allowing you to connect with your partner and others in a much more intimate level.
  7. But in summary,it is about discovering yourself or discovering your partner to enter a vortex of happiness and harmony.Tantra can be practiced as an individual and together as a Tantric couple .


Tantra is much more than only physical pleasure. Although it is called also“Happy Ending”, Tantra’ is an ancient Hindu word that means ‘woven together’.Tantra is all about connection on the inside and outside. The practice of Tantra helps heal past hurt often stored in the sexual centres of the body. And in return the healing aids to build a relationship with yourself and your loved ones in order to be more present in the moment !

What is a Tantric relationship?

Eternity Tantric Massages Practices create Intimacy & Connection in Your Relationship. Tantra is the practice of being in a full-relationship with life.Tantra drops us deeper into the felt experience who we really are. It creates an active merging of body and spirit.


Have you ever wanted to do any of the following?

  • To release both emotional and physical toxins from the body
  • Enhance love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improve relationships
  • Heal the body, mind and spirit

We are so caught up ‘surviving’ this thing called ‘life’ that we are not being a part of it but only segregating it as a harsh journey that one must toil and tumble to prove one’s worth. But whereas the actual purpose of life is to live it, be in it, create it, feel it and be life itself!

10 Steps To A Tantric Massage

    1. scheduling an appointment for a massage with our discreet and helpful receptionist WHATS UP
    2. when you arrive in the “temple”, you will be greeted by one of our stunning masseuses
    3. you will be undress then you will take a warm shower
    4. after you lie down on the mattress and a little later the mistress will enter the room where she lights up the CANDLES

Are You Ready?

  1. a warm oil of your choice it will be picked up: argan,roses,etc
  2. the therapist uses her own body to offer you the most pleasurable massage:body,breast hands, arms, legs and feet(for FOOT FETISH)
  3. connect your breathing
  4. focus on the emotion and energy
  5. different tantric techniques are applied when you have your intimate parts massaged
  6. the masseuse give you 5–10 minutes to rest quietly or you both move forward with something else(COUPLE MASSAGE)

Available Masseuses

For The Most Tantalasing Body to Body Massage London has to offer

While searching for massage centers and Tantric massage near me, you will come across Eternity Tantric Massages offering sensual and luxurious massage services. Only you have to know the specialty of any massage service based on its benefits prior to finalizing your deal and you are all set to experience the best. Taking massage from us will help you build stronger stamina along with making you feel rejuvenated.

Not just our massage sessions make you feel energized but also helps in the treatment of insomnia caused due to anxiety, headaches, and stress. We also have couple massage services available with us. Massage therapy of this type is an excellent way to avoid the apprehension feelings among people, especially among men, as they often feel about nudity involved during a massage session. When you have your partner in the same room, you expect to remove your inhibition and boost your pleasure associated your therapy experience. So, time to get indulged in some exciting massage sessions.



















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We offer the most sensual erotic body to body massage in London. Our High-Class masseuses will take care or every inch of your body! Our professional masseuses provide INCALL(you visit them)and OUTCALL(they visit you) happy ending massage services in Central London. For more details about the locations, types of the massages or other enquires, please get in touch with our discreet receptionist.

So taking a few minutes to find the one that ‘clicks’ with you is the first step towards your Tantric Awakening!

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