How is yoni massage done?

Beautiful young massage therapist enjoys herself when giving erotic massages to her clients

Your partner takes a position when the masseuse lie her down on her back. Keep pillows under the hips and head and then start massaging her vagina.

Get some lube

Use body-safe massage oil as a lubricant on the mound of her yoni. Add adequate oil to cover the outer lips and use the oil only on the outer part of the vulva. Our therapist make sure the product doesn’t have parabens glycerin or fragrances. Gently massage the outer labia majora and don’t rush the step.

Try different techniques

Gently,our experts,squeeze her labia placing it between the thumb and index finger, and then slide up and down the length of the lips.

Beautiful young massage therapist enjoys herself when giving erotic massages to her clients

Massage the clit

The clit deserves small circular strokes – once clockwise and then anticlockwise. Again, the goal is not to give her orgasm so our mistresses need to continue to do it nicely and slowly. Gently, the clit is squeezed between the thumb and index fingers and massaged again.


Insert your finger

Once she is done with the massage, the middle finger is put inside the vagina. The right hand is used because the Tantric belief of Chakras says that it charges the genitals positively.

Our therapists take time to explore the vagina with their finger. You can also use your two fingers if she allows and likes it. Next, slowly she is moved to her sacred spot – the spongy tissue right under the pubic bone and behind the clit.

Ride the Wave

If your girl has an orgasm, make sure she keeps breathing as you/the masseuse continue to massage her yoni. It might lead to more orgasm and you have to bring in the intensity. This is called ‘riding the wave’ in Tantra massage and gives a woman ultimate sexual satisfaction. Once she is done with the massage,the masseuse removes the hands and let her relax for a few minutes.

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